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I just wanted to say that I think mlfoley and I may have introduced an entirely new rating concept to LiveJournal: Add Me ratings!

What happened is that in the ubergeeks community which kidzero, mlfoley and I maintain, someone posted an "Add Me" request to friend his/her journal. The ubergeeks community has a definite 'Geek' theme, but I had placed "Add Me" in the interest list as a way to get people's attention to add the community. Anyway, I'm not here to spam the community, but just to tell you how the humorous Add Me rating idea got started. As far as I know, its kinda dorky, but original!

IM Chat:

slyfoot3: Hahaha!!! We got our very first journal spam in UGs!
pouk23: Oh?
slyfoot3: yeah, some mysterious wanker called "identiless" or something
pouk23: lol
slyfoot3: "I'm mysterious, I have no identity, 'Where do God's (sic) go when they die?" blahblahblah
slyfoot3: Heh, but its my fault
pouk23: LOL
slyfoot3: I put "add me" on the community interest list
pouk23: right, lol
slyfoot3: and then I checked all the communities he/ehe belonged to, and I realized that "add me" means "Post a link to your journal/community so people will join it!"
pouk23: lol yeah
slyfoot3: Haha! I added it to Memories.
pouk23: lol
pouk23: rock
slyfoot3: You know what? Maybe we should leave "add me" in the Interests lists and just collect them
pouk23: lol yeah
slyfoot3: and then we can make fun of them, hahaha
pouk23: they asked for it! ;)
slyfoot3: heh! Think it's a good idea? I think it could provide some entertainment :D
slyfoot3: It's a whole new rating concept. Add-me rating
slyfoot3: :D
pouk23: "This add me request was kind of weak. No reasons given as to why we should add this person. No real "hook.""
slyfoot3: "With a name like 'identiless' I can't really get a sense of who you are..."
pouk23: LOL right
pouk23: that would be good, lol
slyfoot3: Hahaha! Yeah, I think I should stick something on the Userinfo about it
pouk23: lol yeah
slyfoot3: "We rate your Add Me requests!"
pouk23: hahahah
slyfoot3: In fact... I think I will just post this whole IM :D
slyfoot3: ROFLMAO! Oh, this is so getting posted. We've got a new hobby now. :D
pouk23: sweet!

So there you have it! It's quite possible that we have started the very first "Add Me" rating community. I thought some other maintainers might get a kick out of the idea, and when people post gratuitous journal or community spam, you could start rating their Add Me requests. :)

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