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New..mod of a..comm..never mind

so awhile ago i remember stumbling over 578956 damn rating communities & i thought, well wouldn't it be dandy to see something LIKE that with less..monster. (note: this is only an introduction)

so i made the_boulevard
recently i re-did the user info & the layout (myself, might i add) & i made boulevard_core to stuff all the safekeepings in. i've seen this done before? is it a good idea?

anyway that isn't my concern. my concern is: i decided to included introductions (instead of applications). they're not voted on or anything. it seems that members, however, don't get as involved as i do (which is a little discerning; it's become a hobby)

IT'S ALL INTROS. haha. i've seen it happen on rating communtities. all you do is vote yes or no & there isn't any other reason to be there. it's sad. i want "activity"

i hear from the same four people everyday. i like them. but then i'd like a crowd. any suggestions?
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